I'm from here and there...

Jet lag has been conquered, bags have been reclaimed, and a new apartment has been inhabited.   Supposedly this is where the hard work starts.

Its still pretty frigid outside, the snow mounds on the side of the roads are actually ice mounds with a powdered snow layer gently flurried on top.

It was a little strange to go for a walk and seeing more people outside than you would on a cold day like this in Portland.  But everyone here is a little more weathered and traffic certainly doesn’t grind to a halt with this snow and cold.

I’d like to document some of what I see but I don’t have a camera yet (besides my laptop webcam), so my words will have to do for now.  I’ll share some of what Copenhagen looks like in fairer weather and pretend its planned that way.

The next few days are going to be spent looking for an Apartment for when Bekka arrives, finding a job, talking to school advisors, and figuring out if I can avoid paying taxes to two countries at the same time.  And perhaps a little Danish practice.

For now I have a comfortable home base to work from, so I expect everything to go smoothly if not necessarily as expected.