I am in the system with a social security number.  If an increase in gov’t size to correspond with the 4th largest welfare state in the world is supposed to add complexity, I didn’t see it.  Although I have the advantage of an Icelandic citizenship they didn’t know that before they handed me the one page form I needed to apply for a social security number.   That was it, all I needed along with my passport and session that lasted about 15 minutes.  I’ve spent longer getting nowhere at the DMV, so this is definitely a plus for the Danish state.

I’m almost a total legal entity here, with the exception of a need for a Bank account (which can now be remedied with this magic number) .  Some people have inquired as the status of my photojournalism and truth be told I don’t have a camera besides my webcam, but I can show you what I managed with my meager tools.

Here are a few grainy photos of my new apartment cross posted from facebook.

Till next time.