I’ve got a bank account pending and Danish classes set for what seems like eons from now (April) and the job search continues.  I must try to implement some kind of sensible Danish study plan, since it seems I’m not great at self actualization even in a fortress of relative solitude.  Teach yourself Danish and Danish for ducklings are sitting at an end table by my armoire and so far I think my mind tells me it prefers passive radio listening to any active study.  I shall remedy this soon, because at some point my lack of actualization will run headfirst into the language barrier and when it does I want my language tools to be a pickax and not just my bare hands and a sheepish grin.

I’ve taken a look at the campus for Copenhagen Business School and it seems to be a serious institution for beautiful, well dressed, and busy people and I like that.  The whole place seemed a little self interested, but I think I’d be alright with a school like that.  The IT University was the dark horse and rather impressed me with a brand new campus and buildings that wouldn’t seem out of place as corporate headquarters for some dauntingly modern corporation.  Everything there seems pleasantly geeky and I don’t mind that at all.

My radius of awareness has broadened a little and I can now walk 40 minutes to my sisters apartment with some confidence (and google maps) and I’ve ridden the trains which are nicely accommodated, if  expensive.

Things are moving on at a deliberate pace, but they could be moving faster.

Till next time,