have been grossly behind on posting and apologize profusely, many a thing has happened which have occupied my mind more than blogging.

Firstly, I am now an Uncle!  A very exciting development which I shall mention at every opportunity despite this really not being my accomplishment, but since it is something exciting related to me I will use it.  Secondly, I have been battling bureaucracy at home and abroad in order to finish my application and this has caused me to lose a great deal of sleep.  Consequently the last four days have been pretty hellish, but I have emerged from this experience with a renewed sense of mirth and sarcasm.

Now, to content relating to the title of this post…

I woke up early, cooked a hearty breakfast, and struck out for a long walk in the good weather (sunny and above 1 degree celsius).  I saw more jogging Danes than I have ever seen in my life, which is not really unusual considering my aversion to going outside, but there are some well toned glutes and thighs out there.  Coming in second place, in frequency of appearance, were couples or individuals with baby strollers.  Hypothesis: in Denmark you are either an amateur athlete or a parent, with a 30% chance of being a smoker and 70% chance of being a cyclist.

This was before noon, which is important to note considering the number of people sitting outside at restaurants nursing beers… I found this peculiar, but the number of people partaking has peer pressured me into acceptance (take that MADD!).

All in all it was the nicest day out so far since I arrived here and I tried to document that and share it with you, unfortunately my camera is afflicted with some purple tinted disease and the battery charger is engaged in mortal combat with the outlets.   Hopefully  this gets resolved soon.

Till next time,