What is the American brand?  I see LA cigarettes at the checkout counter, Liv Tyler is hawking perfume at me on the train, and Doritos invites me to investigate the very flavor of a nation… “Cool American”.  Paradoxical, alluring, and instantly judged with preconception abroad.

A grand task to undertake, no doubt.  How can a single potato chip seasoning embody the je ne sais quoi of a whole nation?  Does it blast your taste buds with so many flavors that the mind reels, a melting pot of sorts… in your mouth?  Or is it bold, brash and young flavors embodying a country ascended to power while still coming to terms with its identity?  Can you taste the struggle of a nation founded on principles of self reliance attempting to assert itself as a united whole?

Actually… I think they just needed another name for “Cool Ranch”.