Sitting in the lobby typing up a quick update to send out. They charge you for internet, a faux pas in my opinion, but I suppose we dirty backpackers have to pay our dues.

I have an 8 man dorm to share, and last night it was me, a nearly blind swede who slept in the room till 4 then came back to sleep again at ten. And a fat old spaniard who I thought would die of airway constriction in the night considering how he snored.

Quality of sleep 2/10

I had a lock for my things so I did not fear anything being stolen (I will remain suspicious till I figure out exactly how warranted my suspicions are).

The hostel is a skyscraper, 15 floors, a bar, restaurant and pretty decent views from the room. The accommodations are Danish modern which I appreciate considering they could have been full blow prison style utilitarian.

But this is something of a hotel hostel and they seem to cater to families and the occasional school trip… which contrasts nicely with the 5 foot Kahlua and Absolut Vodka banners in the lobby.

This is not proving to be a super convenient way to continue looking for an apartment but I remain optimistic. If more exciting things happen I may have another dispatch from the Hostel tomorrow.

Signing out

P.S.  For the curious I’m staying here