There is a danger to befriending bartenders… because your drinks are cheaper.

There is also a danger to befriending the bar owner… because your drinks are free.

The greatest danger comes from the bar owner making a bet with the bartender over when you’ll throw up.

Someone lost 500 Krona because I’m not a lightweight.

And I slept like a baby.

Quality of sleep 8/10

But my great Hostel experiment is over for now, as I’m off to inhabit the couches of relatives, but its been a good experience and I don’t think I’ll worry much if I have to go to a hostel again.

Also I don’t think I’m going to say I’m American until later in a conversation, there are a lot of college students giving us a bad reputation and I don’t think I’m getting  a fair shake if I offer them a chance to prejudge.

And for anyone who is wondering, Carlsberg is for tourists and Tuborg is for people who like beer, according to the bartenders.

Till next time,