Battlefield report:

The dorm is clear of all enemy combatants and the troop slept soundly.

Chinese take out was fed to the troop battalion at 1930.  Field reconnaissance ascertained that the food was composed of a mixture of chicken, MSG, and grease.  No digestive problems encountered.  One Tuborg was purchased from the bar at home base.  The meal was consumed whilst a game of football played.

2 films served as entertainment:

Crank: Jason Statham engages in feats of spectacular and unnecessary violence, drug use, and profanity.  Quality of  entertainment 8/10

State of Play: Fat Russell crow and skinny Ben Affleck attempt to use the craft of acting to create political intrigue in a modern day journalism vs. Capitol Hill politics thriller.  They fail.  Quality of entertainment:  5/10

The troop attempted to sleep at 0020, but did not succeed till 0335.   The troop would note the giant clock outside its window as the reason for the accuracy of these reports.  Quality of sleep 4/10

The troop will now go partake in a continental breakfast… he will report back if that definition varies between actual continents.

Signing out