Quick update from the Danish frontier.

My sister has arrived!  And because only men should be subject to hostels we have moved into classier budget hotel accommodations.  An apartment has been secured a week from now and faux touristy things will entertain in the meantime. We are in a pretty central location so we can walk to a lot of fun sites.  Bekka has also brought a decent camera and I found a replacement for my schizophrenic camera.  So expect a 200% increase in photos of relevant and possibly even interesting things.

I started my “intensive” Danish course today and it turned out to be rather fun for the whole three and a half hours.  Jeg kan kun tale lidt dansk now!  3 hours of class learning have overtaken over a month of book learning in a single stride.  I should be speaking mostly danish in no time!

The socialists are also paying for my courses and for my course materials and I really can’t complain.

Things are back in motion.

Till next time,