Updates have been spares and photos have been sparser these past few weeks. And its true, I’ve neglected you so much that Child Services would not be out of line if they were to come take you away from me. But i’m not going to let that happen… and instead of coaching you to deceive their investigator I’m actually going to start tending to you again like the good nurturing blogger I am.

I've got my blog recovery plan all mapped out.

For the past two weeks I have been in a hostel and tiny hotel room, surviving only with my wits and greasy street food.  But I’m back in my old apartment and I’ve got my sister Bekka in tow ready to take on Copenhagen once more.  The past few days in the apartment have been retracing the steps I took when I first got here: new passport, arranging meetings with her school, etc.  But it has been nice having a home base once again.

Before we delved headfirst into those dealings we had a few days in a hotel by a large square at the entrance to Strøget the very long pedestrian street and shopping district.  Wonderfully crowded and filled with pale faces grabbing as much of the temporary sun and 21 degrees (celsius!) as they could.

The square we walked through before reaching Strøget

Turning slightly to the right you can see the Palace Hotel and Town Hall.

Town hall in all its splendor.

It was a perfect day to take pictures and there were several more like it in rapid succession.  Thus I have many more pictures to share.  But I’ll draw them out just a little and editorialize where I can.

Till next time (soon, I promise)