Took a walk today around the lakes of Copenhagen, man made and rectangular but very nice to walk around.  It was a little blustery but not totally cloudy out so it was as good a day as any I think.

Lake approach

There is a nice little cafe to the right and a tunnel under the street to the left.

The weather reminded me of Portland, but then again so do the bikes and smokers.  The cities are the same size, but I feel like Copenhagen is denser as far as pedestrian traffic is concerned and even where living space is concerned.  Portland has a defined downtown but the Pearl is new and unique in its utilization of vertical space for homes, whereas the mid-rises in Copenhagen have been here for quite some time and the pedestrian routes are well established… entrenched even.

A canopy of trees almost ready to cast of the cold weather... almost.

I went visited outside of “peak hours” for joggers, strollers, and meandering  folk.  Stopping abruptly to take photos did not inconvenience anyone as a result.

I can't help but love the buildings in this city, but I won't stop to think what lake front property might cost...

There is a bike rack like this one every 50 feet along  the four lakes… there are likely as many bikes parked here as there are being ridden at this moment through downtown Portland.

Color returning to the cheeks of Copenhagen.

At first I didn't like the graffiti everywhere...

But their assault on the concrete seems less abrasive now that the city is regaining some color.

An old toy store? Thats all I can surmise from what sits in the windows.

I like this disheveled place, though I can’t place exactly why.  Maybe because it is more deteriorated than anything else along the lakes by an order of magnitude.  I look at it every time I walk along the lakes… a yearning for restoration?  Whatever the reason, I like it.

This was just begging to be photographed.

End of the journey, four lakes later... time to turn around and head back.

It is exceedingly nice to walk around this place and even better when the weather cooperates.  I think this summer is going to be splendid.

Till next time