5 days farming and out in the lightly developed country side away from distraction… aside from the Internet, Television, and video games.  The time I spent on the farm that was most fulfilling was the time spent doing actual work outdoors, so naturally that was what I spent the least time doing.  Distraction is addiction and the dopamine receptors in my brain are used to being flooded every time I scan a page for vague summaries and keywords being instantly satisfied by drawing short pointless conclusions… based on preconceived notions and opinions.

A full grown male RAM outside his natural habitat.

I can’t get that from feeding peanuts to sheep, not right now at least, but I know its more satisfying.  I have a connection to the action, an understanding of all parts of the action: I fed an animal.  I fed my brain.  The internet, how I consume it, is junk food and i’m dead set on bringing it everywhere that I go justifying its invasion of my life by forcing as much “good content” and as many “good experiences” as I can into my web surfing.

When they start an Internet-Anon, someone let me know.

If I farmsit again, I ought to try it tech-free just to see how I walk away from the experience and maybe i’ll give the animals just a little more attention.  I could figure out just how hard I can tug on my electronic leash.

And I could get a tan… or become the Queen of England.  Both being equally likely.