Sure, we made a list of grievances against King George and then dramatically said it wasn’t working and that it wasn’t us, it was him…  But that is old news. America has moved on, so I vote we should celebrate the infinitely practical.  We should celebrate the hinge.

How many days do we spend celebrating seemingly innocuous architectural and engineering milestones that we use daily?  That’s right zero.

Cabinets, doors, gates, laptops, flip phones…  Ever been tied up and locked in a trunk? Hinges.

Ever shot fireworks to celebrate the fact that you can close your bedroom door to shut out the cries of your overbearing girlfriend?  Ever poured one out for the hinge you pressed to hide that porn pop up in the lecture hall?

So take the fourth to celebrate like the rest of America, but when it comes to acknowledging the mechanism in your fold out lawn chair…


It all hinges on you.