What does every successful Caribbean dictatorship have?  That’s right: Megalomania manifested in a despot.

What if I told you that an opportunity to subjugate and fleece an entire island was within reach for you and yours? If your heart jumped at the thought of shanty towns hidden from tourist retreats, coup attempts, and foreign influence I have a game that might interest you.

Enter: Tropico 3

This could be you   

El magnifico, el loco, el Presidente!

The resourceful dictator-to-be must manage an island from the moment you come to power in whatever scenario the island presents your succession to the post of El Presidente; a clone of the last leader, a rebel victorious, coup d’état, or perhaps installation by a fruit exporting company which may or may not have ties to the CIA.  Any game that presents a condition for victory that requires a Swiss bank account and copious embezzlement is going to have my immediate attention.  Because of your absolute grip on power you may issue edicts to your people for your benefit and occasionally for theirs, but skimming money from building permits can’t really be spun too well towards the latter.

Your people must be kept docile, but spend too much money making them satisfied and you’ll have less to route towards your retirement fund and you may draw the ire of capitalists and foreign business interests; meanwhile the soviets welcome cheap housing and better working conditions.  Conversely if your people live in shacks amid a booming economy your local reds will complain to the Kremlin.

Now choose how to expl-err utilize your islands natural resources; strip mine, clear cut, tobacco farms, tourism, or perhaps good old local industry are all available to you with varying impact on the livability of your island.  Now the balancing act begins: line your pockets, educate, feed, house, mine, farm, quell rebellions, entertain, and attract tourists. Do you have the cajones to succeed where others have failed?

Paradise, but for who?

A day in the life of you our dear leader.

102 is forthcoming: Crushing rebellions for fun and profit!