I’m not an aspiring writer; aspiring writers by definition never imagined they could self describe as writers.

The definition of a writer is someone who writes.  I write.

So do a lot of others and I try to remember the quote “When the internet gave everyone a voice, we discovered how few people were actually worth listening to.”

With enough publishing and enough posting I may become decent writer, but the jury is still out.  I’ll work to improve and vary my posts so don’t hesitate to suggest topics or comment on the quality of what I already choose to write about.  I may even contribute on other sites from time to time and feature some of that content here, its a work in progress so expect the unexpected.

I’ll try and stay on the sarcastic side and save the serious bits for later, but what better medium to address serious concerns than sarcasm?

Don’t answer that.  It’s rhetorical.

I also contribute @ http://nerdpile.tumblr.com/ so check that out if you like what i’m doing.