Ignoring the will of the people:

There they go, over a dozen of your island’s 150 residents are peacefully protesting at the entrance to the tenement you have so graciously built for them all because 8 people died from starvation the previous year.  A leader such as yourself has several options to deal with these undesirables.  Have they raised the minimum wage on your island by 50%? Who are they to question you? A bribe is a favorite because its clean and bloodless and loses you no favor with the family of the protester, but it costs money… and are you made of money? Kill him in cold blood as he leaves the protest to quickly quiet him, but angry widows and sad orphans have a way of coming back to bite you.  Fire him from his job at the teamsters union, evict him from his tenement; you’ll only satisfy yourself knowing you can toy with his life but I am merely presenting all available options.

As skilled as you are, Presidente, you haven’t really addressed the protesters demands and now they seek their own justice.  You are familiar with a mandate delivered by the barrel of a gun, so clearly you can deal with these rebels who have no experience!  Build a military base and lure the rebels out for the slaughter; its best to do so before they start striking at the heart of your regime: the island’s industry.

They’ve occupied one of the tenements you have so graciously built for the populace.  Not a problem for the well fed and housed troops you’ve garrisoned nearby; they’ll make quick work of these rebels.

A gun battle ensues, a few casualties on the side of your troops but its an occupational hazard.  The rebels are routed for now and it is time to return to the business of running the island; not just quelling dissent.  It might be best to build a clinic now, you know what is best of course, the people were protesting for one after all. Perhaps the people will stay compliant long enough to see the fruit of your labors (and theirs) when you finish that Rum Distillery!

We’ll need skilled workers now i’m afraid so the people must be educated and we have no schools on the island (who would’ve thought you’d need that?) so we must build a high school.  A small suggestion, Presidente, make it a military school so that these educated Tropicans will not use your gift of education against you.  You know what they say: A militarized society is a happy society!  Please get out of your PJs, Presidente, that man from the CI-I mean Fruitas LTD is here to discuss business and erm… foreign policy.

Small Island Dictatorship: 103 is forthcoming… Snuggling up for the Cold War.