Just read a great little feature here on wordpress.  Its an interview with Rodney Walther the author of the self-published book Broken Laces.

How to Sell Your Published Book.

Give it a quick read as it has a lot of really relevant information for people who are self publishing out there.


If you’re looking for where i’ve moved to be sure to check out thebadedit.tumblr.com where I will continue to post.


This was to be a travel themed blog ever so long ago when I was in Copenhagen, but I find myself firmly rooted in one place and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  I’ll write about writing now because no one has ever tired of self referential content, most people all of the time not withstanding.


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I really love Otis Redding and I enjoy Kanye West. Nice to see Otis in the mix anywhere I can get him; he even does a fair showing in hip hop.

Download Kanye West & Jay-Z Otis (feat. Otis Redding)


For those who are a little more old fashioned you can’t go wrong with the classic.

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I’m contributing to a new site that a friend of mine is starting up so I thought I would go ahead and plug it here.

Click the picture. Come on. I dare you.

Its newer than baby being born right now, so its evolving and changing and hopefully growing.

Look for my contributions from time to time.  You could even click on my current post on the site and get sent RIGHT BACK HERE! What an adventure.

Ignoring the will of the people:

There they go, over a dozen of your island’s 150 residents are peacefully protesting at the entrance to the tenement you have so graciously built for them all because 8 people died from starvation the previous year.  A leader such as yourself has several options to deal with these undesirables.  Have they raised the minimum wage on your island by 50%? Who are they to question you? A bribe is a favorite because its clean and bloodless and loses you no favor with the family of the protester, but it costs money… and are you made of money? Kill him in cold blood as he leaves the protest to quickly quiet him, but angry widows and sad orphans have a way of coming back to bite you.  Fire him from his job at the teamsters union, evict him from his tenement; you’ll only satisfy yourself knowing you can toy with his life but I am merely presenting all available options.

As skilled as you are, Presidente, you haven’t really addressed the protesters demands and now they seek their own justice.  You are familiar with a mandate delivered by the barrel of a gun, so clearly you can deal with these rebels who have no experience!  Build a military base and lure the rebels out for the slaughter; its best to do so before they start striking at the heart of your regime: the island’s industry.

They’ve occupied one of the tenements you have so graciously built for the populace.  Not a problem for the well fed and housed troops you’ve garrisoned nearby; they’ll make quick work of these rebels.

A gun battle ensues, a few casualties on the side of your troops but its an occupational hazard.  The rebels are routed for now and it is time to return to the business of running the island; not just quelling dissent.  It might be best to build a clinic now, you know what is best of course, the people were protesting for one after all. Perhaps the people will stay compliant long enough to see the fruit of your labors (and theirs) when you finish that Rum Distillery!

We’ll need skilled workers now i’m afraid so the people must be educated and we have no schools on the island (who would’ve thought you’d need that?) so we must build a high school.  A small suggestion, Presidente, make it a military school so that these educated Tropicans will not use your gift of education against you.  You know what they say: A militarized society is a happy society!  Please get out of your PJs, Presidente, that man from the CI-I mean Fruitas LTD is here to discuss business and erm… foreign policy.

Small Island Dictatorship: 103 is forthcoming… Snuggling up for the Cold War.

Ok, so you’ve added your graffiti to the handicap stall in a Starbucks.

Obviously there were easier targets to make your mark, but you chose something bold to grab attention and fulfill that sense of thrill that we all want to foster deep inside. The other day I jaywalked across a one way street in NW Portland so I think we are kindred spirits, thrill seekers with nothing to lose and everything to gain from willful acts of disobedience and defiance of social norms.

Now the question is: where do you go from here? If you start off aiming to high and succeed it can kill the ambition of any aspiring avant garde artist… was it too dangerous? Will you forever be turned away from the seemingly mundane graffiti targets like the side of a police station in broad daylight? Will you scuffle away from the obviously easy and now less rewarding Highway exit signs… because where is the fun when you’ve already exposed yourself to danger that dwarfs these?

Bruce Lee once said that man must always exceed his limits, but he never met you.

How, after having flown so high, can you calmly walk among those you see as ants milling about with no clear purpose and no accomplishments to their name?

I can’t answer these hard questions. I can only wish you luck for the road ahead; untouched by the meek and those who would only seek the low hanging fruit… your footsteps alone will show that such a road can be walked.

Godspeed Starbucks Graffiti Guy, Godspeed.

What does every successful Caribbean dictatorship have?  That’s right: Megalomania manifested in a despot.

What if I told you that an opportunity to subjugate and fleece an entire island was within reach for you and yours? If your heart jumped at the thought of shanty towns hidden from tourist retreats, coup attempts, and foreign influence I have a game that might interest you.

Enter: Tropico 3

This could be you   

El magnifico, el loco, el Presidente!

The resourceful dictator-to-be must manage an island from the moment you come to power in whatever scenario the island presents your succession to the post of El Presidente; a clone of the last leader, a rebel victorious, coup d’état, or perhaps installation by a fruit exporting company which may or may not have ties to the CIA.  Any game that presents a condition for victory that requires a Swiss bank account and copious embezzlement is going to have my immediate attention.  Because of your absolute grip on power you may issue edicts to your people for your benefit and occasionally for theirs, but skimming money from building permits can’t really be spun too well towards the latter.

Your people must be kept docile, but spend too much money making them satisfied and you’ll have less to route towards your retirement fund and you may draw the ire of capitalists and foreign business interests; meanwhile the soviets welcome cheap housing and better working conditions.  Conversely if your people live in shacks amid a booming economy your local reds will complain to the Kremlin.

Now choose how to expl-err utilize your islands natural resources; strip mine, clear cut, tobacco farms, tourism, or perhaps good old local industry are all available to you with varying impact on the livability of your island.  Now the balancing act begins: line your pockets, educate, feed, house, mine, farm, quell rebellions, entertain, and attract tourists. Do you have the cajones to succeed where others have failed?

Paradise, but for who?

A day in the life of you our dear leader.

102 is forthcoming: Crushing rebellions for fun and profit!

The men on my mom’s side of the family have a nasty habit of dying while wearing the color green… or so i’m told. More specifically the brighter the green the likelier you are to meet a terrible end by drowning or perhaps by a chimney inspecting accident. This does not alarm me because my lack of style has precluded me from wearing anything “brighter” than earth tones and has for some time.

Naturally there can be no greater threat to my life than the expansion of my fashion horizons to include orange, red, blue, and yes… bright green.

The near-purchase of a green shirt kicked my mothers instinct into high gear and made her divulge the terrible truth about my family. I sat in the car and calmly listened as a list of men who met their end wearing green was recounted to me. A quote I roughly remembered popped into my head…

.. almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” -Steve Jobs

I think me and Steve have a very similar outlook apart from the whole closed Apple software/hardware ecosystem that I despise and hope comes to a swift end. Also instead of being naked I’m wearing green.

I bought a bright green shirt because a man has to hedge his bets on the world not being as superstitious as he fears… but I also made the conscious choice of buying only an exercise shirt in that color so that I can workout like its my last day on earth.

So, sorry mom. I’ll wear green even if it kills me.

Sure, we made a list of grievances against King George and then dramatically said it wasn’t working and that it wasn’t us, it was him…  But that is old news. America has moved on, so I vote we should celebrate the infinitely practical.  We should celebrate the hinge.

How many days do we spend celebrating seemingly innocuous architectural and engineering milestones that we use daily?  That’s right zero.

Cabinets, doors, gates, laptops, flip phones…  Ever been tied up and locked in a trunk? Hinges.

Ever shot fireworks to celebrate the fact that you can close your bedroom door to shut out the cries of your overbearing girlfriend?  Ever poured one out for the hinge you pressed to hide that porn pop up in the lecture hall?

So take the fourth to celebrate like the rest of America, but when it comes to acknowledging the mechanism in your fold out lawn chair…


It all hinges on you.